One of the very best ways to understand how a particular operation is carried out is to watch a video clip where some other person demonstrates the right measures you have to undertake. Particularly if you sign up for a new web hosting account without having used this sort of service till now, or if you’ve used a hosting platform with a different graphical interface and aren’t aware of the manner in which things are managed on the new one. A video lesson can teach you the simplest and speediest way to execute a given operation within your hosting account, saving you the effort of going through various options until you find the one that you need, or of reading lengthy knowledge base articles, which can at times be unclear as to where you ought to go and what you ought to click.
Video Tutorials in Web Hosting
If you order a web hosting account from us and you are uncertain about how to execute a specific operation in your Hepsia Control Panel, you can examine our elaborate video tutorial repository where you can find 10s of tutorials that will reveal to you all the functions and features that Hepsia includes. If you’ve never had a site beforehand and this is your first hosting account, you can see how to export or import a database, how to enable anti-spam protection for a specific email box account or how to migrate to a different PHP version. All related videos will always be located on the right side of the screen in each Control Panel section, so you can always see only the tutorials that you require at the specific moment. If you’re curious to learn about other features that you can access, you can check the video section dedicated to these tutorials where you’ll find the complete list. Besides how-to videos, you will also be able to see useful informational tutorials – what error and access log files are, what system load is, etc.
Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers
In order to help you get accustomed to our in-house created Hepsia Control Panel, we’ve prepared a comprehensive video tutorial repository where you can acquaint yourself with how to accomplish practically everything connected with your semi-dedicated server account. We’ve tried our best to encompass as many topics as possible, from basic info like what access and error logs are, to more intricate and practical things such as how to export a database or how to park a domain in your semi-dedicated server account. For the sake of convenience, you can see tutorials that are relevant only to the features that you can access in a certain section of your Control Panel. Of course, if you aim to enlarge your abilities and your understanding, you can check out the dedicated video section, which can be accessed through a link, which is located at the bottom of the Control Panel and browse all the videos that we have prepared for our existing and prospective customers.